This is a story that would, at first glance have to do with Mexico. Perhaps it does…There could be linkage to all the femicide in Cuidad Juarez. There are parallels, from the disinterest of law enforcement to the lack of coverage by the mainstream media.
I for one, have always thought these murders reach high up the food chain.
Feb 16 at 3:50 PM
February 16, 2014New Mexico HistoryWomen’s Murders, Justice and Corruption in New Mexico

Since 2009, Frontera NorteSur has followed the story of 11 murdered women and girls found in a common burial site on the West Mesa of Albuquerque, New Mexico. February 2 marked the fifth anniversary of the discovery. Although there has been much talk and speculation about who is responsible for the killings, the crimes remain mired in impunity.

What’s more, women with profiles similar to the West Mesa victims are still missing, prompting further speculation of another clandestine graveyard somewhere out there.

Despite a $100,000 reward and pledges by the City of Albuquerque and its local law enforcement agency to get to the bottom of the West Mesa murder saga, victims’ families and relatives of other missing women still do not know the full truth of what happened to their loved ones.

Until now, many New Mexican families have been denied justice.

Readers interested in learning more about a tragic chapter in contemporary New Mexico history will be interested in checking out recent news stories that have been published about the West Mesa case.

For starters, El Paso journalist and author Diana Washington Valdez has written three new articles on West Mesa for the El Paso Times.

The series features in-depth interviews with victims’ relatives, accounts of virtually forgotten missing women, and indications of possible corruption surrounding the West Mesa murders and investigation.

The series, posted on Saturday, February 15, can be accessed at the following links:

Earlier, Albuquerque media outlet KRQE ran an article that reviewed the murders and discussed possible culprits. The piece can be viewed at:

Finally, on December 23, 2013,  Frontera NorteSur published a feature story on the killings, comparing  issues of human rights and access to justice in New Mexico with Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. That article can be viewed on FNS’ website:

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