Women have their ways…

Mostly fraud…

Love has it’s time

Then time is up


Humanity in its abundance!

Then go find one to trust.


Words spew and fall out of mobile mouths

Chained to a mind that itself is bound

To someone else’s thing or cause.


And the greatest and the noblest

Will be dragged into dust

The names will be forgotten…

How could it be else?

The truth endures it’s allotted attention span

And the mob loves so dearly it’s lies, then


Both lie together right where they die, then

Renaissance demands: Arise! and the companions new lives

Break free to begin an endless slide both

Heaven swarm

And hell swarm


Like lovers great truth, eternal lie

Like twin companions in time and love, forever for awhile…


Like a coin always

With too sides


Author: Edgardo

Born in Houston, Texas and moved to Raymondvile, Texas in 1969. Family bought a radio station and helped with the family business until it was sold in 1997. Since then started an agency and mostly writes about experiences in Deep South Texas. Writers of the Rio Grande founder, editor and contributing author.


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