Amalia Oriz from PlayExcerpts from an Interview at Poetry, and Vino Brownsville Texas  June 13. 2012

Wotrg: Its wonderful to have you back in the Valley again

Amelia Ortiz: It’s good to be back.

Wotrg. Never thought you would be back in the Valley, Other than just to visit.

What led you to come back to the Valley?  

AO The reason why I was in LA to begin with., my husband was getting his Phd. in cultural studies at UCLA. ..and LA was great, there was a little bit of everything across the United States, but I was definitely missing Texas the whole time I was In LA…

 Wotrg: Oh yeah, you never got over it huh? You became West Coast?

AO Well, I feel like I know West Coast enough that I love it. and miss it, I made friends there, but my home is in Texas, it’s always been in Texas, so as soon as my husband graduates, people would ask him what he was going to do, and I would say, we’re going back to Texas, we’re going back to Texas……. ….I just put it out into the Universe and by the time he was graduating, this job opened up at UTB (University of Texas at Brownsville). ….. ….I’m glad to be back in Texas, especially back here in the Valley, it is strange after not being here for twenty years to come back… I never would have known when I was growing up ( Amalia grew up in La Feria Texas) that there would be an event like this. To me that’s amazing to have poetry, and the visual arts, and music, all of them hungry for one another, I never knew anything like that growing up. To me that’s amazing.

(There was quite the crowd at Johnny Carino’s Pasta. Poetry and Vino Night, in Brownsville, so there was a lot of background noise and the audio quality of the interview was not good). Anyway, there was a lot of chit-chat about the arts in the valley, what different writers are bringing to the table. I didn’t ask about her latest acting and play writing endeavors, but check on Facebook, or go to

Amalia did have a lot to say, she is planning to stay in Valley for the foreseeable future. She has a play she’s written, and she performed a piece from it “Carment de la Calle”

A beautiful Piece by Amalia, set in theRioGrandeValley, A fine border poem indeed
A River,  A Bridge, A Wall

Amalia Ortiz, A river A bridge A wall from Sol Sound Havana : Spoken Word H on Vimeo.

Some Days

One of her biggies






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