A fascinating film with some of the major players in Michoacan Mexico. At times it comes across as pure tragedy, other times as pure farce, and then a weird atole of the two.

La Tuta of Michoacan and Knughts Templar Cartel Boss

La Tuta of Knights Templar

The Leader of the dominant cartel in Michoacan is a man called “La Tuta” He started his adult life as a teacher, a job he claims he really enjoyed. He still looks like your favorite professor more than a major Mexican drug runner. The interviewer brings up the fictional methamphetamine dealer in the tv series “Breaking Bad.” But “La Tuta” is all too real. The Knights Templar are known for their ultra-violence and ruthlessness, and craziness. They even have their own pseudo-religion. If “La Tuta” is crazy, he is crazy like a fox.

His claim is that all the problems in Michoacan can be traced back to the “Vigilantes”,the self defense forces, that have taken up arms against the tyranny of his cartel. He obviously is attempting to manipulate public opinion to send back his buddies in the army and police force to come back in and eliminate the “auto-defensas” for him. And quiene sabe? it just might work. The government hates the real citizens having power and being armed.

Warning: In addition to the farcical and ridiculous there are very graphic scenes of violence and mayhem; and some very heartbreaking ones as well.


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