Dust swirls empty fajita wrappers,

Balloons tangle in spring trees, black wires,

A chair truck noisily passes,

Flower adorned floats,

Their chinas and charros gone,

Glide up the street – soon to be stored.

Walking slowly past shuttered booths,

A family to the side is seen –

Grilling in their front yard.

Mechanical cleaners brush and suck

The remnants of another Charro Days.

Walking still farther to the bus station,

Tired workers await the last bus –

No parade for them –

And an old man pedals past with a

Black pigeon on his shoulder ….

Ruth E. Wagner, mid-April 2013

Author: Ruth E. Wagner

Ruth E. Wagner was simply an audience member at the Narciso Martinez Cultural Arts Center Writers Forum for several years. Three years ago she began to write poems and tell biographical stories. She is also the partner and wife of Gene Novogrodsky. She has many tales to tell.


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