Lost in the woods and perplexed on the plains

Wandering in the jungle, look, the mountains pierces the sun

Calls from the peak, stabs from the murk

Of the swamp where I float

On the sodden moss


Trails have I wandered and roads I have crossed

The journeys of youth prove stronger now

Memory and dream are all there is of life

And the reveries of what there is left


The music’s the sweeter sifted through the years

Love so much lighter when clear of tears…

Times ever present and proximate….

Embraces the myopic moment,

And its miasmic fog


That covers all the petty torment and

Opportunities missed, the loves left behind

The endless small tortures of husband to wife

And back and forth, so much of eternity is claimed

In the heats of the moment, the cold disdains


Evil and petty are consumed in holy rot

Then in crossing the waters  of holy thought

The pure and the good in the end remain

Even if just pure longing for all the good and

The good times thrown away


Trails have I wandered

Paths have I sought and traveled

Roads of pleasure and all ended in pain

Still the journeys of my youth


Author: Editor


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