“A self-inflicted dose of pain and sorrow
just like I should be writing poetry” –THE VACCINES

I like to be the one I am not
that’s why I write
I unravel myself
I destroy the silence
I weave words
lector: I write for you
I share with you what I don’t share with no one
you don’t make me cover my body or my desires
the edge of my nudity doesn’t hurt you
you relieve me from this corporality

this words are yours and are from the other
the oneiric woman
I fuse with you and with her
residents of a city made of tongues
I write with this tongue
knowing well
that everything has been said
I repeat it repeat it repeat it
to stop being me and start being this one
the other
the one you’re reading about
protagonist of a mythology called poem

You will know her
you will walk this
of madness
this tightrope
this line that separates
what I am not – from what I am

Lector: now I am you
I write you
and this is like saying I love you
I lay down in your mind to tell stories
that are your stories
as much as they’re mine

Author: Erika Said Izaguirre

Erika Said Izaguirre is a Mexican poet, narrator and researcher, born and raised in Ciudad Madero, Tamaulipas, Mexico. She’s the author of the book “iPoems”, a conceptual piece of literature exploring the book as an object and topics of the feminine postmodernity. She attended University of Chihuahua where she earned a degree in Spanish Literature, right now she’s a candidate for the Master of Arts in Spanish by the University of Texas, San Antonio. She is an ambassador in Texas for the movement Women Poets International. She received the First Place in the Bi-national Literary Contest Letras en el Estuario 2011 by University of Texas, Brownsville. Her area of study is Mexican contemporary literature and culture. She has been adopted by Texas and has lived in El Paso, McAllen and San Antonio.



  1. Eugene "Gene" Novogrodsky says:

    …fight it until the end, many writers do just that ….You’ll be momentarily lucid/clear, then muddled ….Asi es!

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