To Lick Her Lips In Pure Godliness

She walks me by a sidewalk.

All of us walking by a sidewalk.


I am keen for her.

I smell her chemicals in me.


Her smile is the most special touch.

Her eyes and mouth, her just presence.


I turn and look at her in a second’s space,

there in the afternoon of us.


I am proud to be within the

pronouncement of her breath.


I do not want Christ Jesus now.

He is fiction and absurdity to me now.


She is most Holy.

I want her to baptize me

in the waters of her

breath’s annihilation


I want her with me,

in clouds,

at a dinner table

full of strangers.


I want her with me,

as the devilish wolves

surround me and desire

to swallow my balls and

my mouths and tails.


I want her with me when

sun and all sun and all

sunshine comes to greet

us in our snarling lips.


I want her to

come clean

with me.


I want her

to look upon


with longing





I want her to bloom into me much,

much too much.


I want her there,

as I saw her,

there, that day,

on the sidewalk,

and I told God,


“Yes, yes, of course,

I could boldly fall

in love with her,

if You’d let me,

if You’d, at last,

let me.”


Author: Roberto Cruz, Jr

Roberto Cruz, Jr is a local writer, musician, poet and traveler.


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