Robert Godinez, Patrick Garcia, Manny Montejano and JP Chapa. They are the punk rock band The Young Maths from the Rio Grande Valley. Below is a video produced by Gabriel Elizondo.

A new generation of sound that’s been coming out of the Valley over the years. Here’s a few comments about these guys: “Texas’ the Young Maths care about percussion, too. They don’t beat you over the head with it, but it does play a vital role in “Fingered On the Dance Floor.” It’s the final track to their new EP Thank You, Goodnight! We Are…, and sports some nimble musicianship. Tight guitar licks interlock like Tetris blocks with an off-kilter bassline. The fevered vocals and hectic ending give the appearance of chaos, but this track fails to derail–not even for a second. Call it a controlled demolition.” At the Southern tip of Texas in the Rio Grande Valley is where you’ll find the sharp and anxious dance punk sounds of The Young Maths. Their sound settles somewhere in the vein of earlier Hot Hot Heat on several tracks, with a high energy that is transmitted via pokey guitar angles, a knee-quaking beat and higher pitched, frenzied vocals. [EP Review]: It doesn’t really matter who The Young Maths may sound like, who is in the band or which other bands they’ve shared a stage with. All that matters is the addictive music the band creates.

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You can purchase some of their music here

Read the March, 2011 article by Dan Solomon in the Texas Observer

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