The Mexican novelist Carlos Fuentes once said that “you cannot truly be considered a Mexican unless you believe in the Virgin of Guadalupe.” Nobel Literature laureate Octavio Paz wrote in 1974 that “the Mexican people, after more than two centuries of experiments, have faith only in the Virgin of Guadalupe and the National Lottery”

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The Virgen of Guadalupe has been called “La Reina de Mexico” and was proclaimed by the Catholic Pope as the “Empress of the Americas.” In 1810 When Father Hidalgo did his “Grito de Dolores” for Mexican Independence he proclaimed: “Death to the Spaniards and long live the Virgin of Guadalupe!”

The Virgen has figured prominently in the various Mexican revolutions, uprisings and civil wars. The entire country has adopted her, one because to them, she is Mexican and also she touches them on a deep emotional level. We could delve into the why of it, but the reasons go beyond national, religious, emotional, and can only be resolved in the mystical and the realm of faith, Even Mexicans that are otherwise secular and non-religious, even atheist or anti-cleric, venerate the Virgen of Guadalupe. Various factions of the Catholic hierarchy over the centuries have disputed or cast doubt on the story of the Virgen, In the end none of that has made any difference. She is as real as the sum total of the hearts of all and every Mexican. And that is the reality that believers and not so much believers can agree on.

And while known through-out Latin America The Virgen is distinctly Mexican. After all she did speak to Juan Diego in Nahautl, the language of the Aztecs

This is an outsider view of perhaps the most important personage in Mexican History, For an insider view and more information click here

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