Will the last real American
turn out the light?
Go wherever you will cause
All the roads lead into the night

Once it’s gone, when it’s gone
When freedoms gone.

We threw down a king
And claimed us a land
Presidents would give their lives
Men would do all they can

The bankers have won
And all the men are gone
And their gone, and their gone
Long gone.

A new fight for freedom  may tear this land apart
And when it’s won
Freedoms never enough, life enslaves us all
It goes on will we still rings freedoms song?

Freedoms gone
Yes its gone
You know its gone

The peoples prey on the predators and they prey on the prey
And gnash their fangs in frustration for the ones that got away
If the rich don’t take it all then the poor surely will
Best to trust nobody, this side of heaven’s celestial hills

Freedoms gone
Yes its gone
You know its gone

The tv’s lying to you, every media shill
Disguises their snarling faces with bland fake good will
And the games and distractions, poison sustenance for you all
Pose as home cooking from your mommas loving soul

Freedoms gone
Yes its gone
You know its gone

Just to stay alive could be the fight of your life
From them that have so little, will be taken all they have
Will the last real American just shoot out the door
There ain’t no turning back
For a hundred years or more

Freedoms gone
Yes its gone
You know its gone

You got your cult of personality
So blind you can’t see
Pills to cure the blues
Now there’s nothing left to feel

Bread, beer and circuses
All the sex that you can see
A new war to cheer for every week
Call your misery ecstasy

Now it’s gone
Yes its gone
Freedoms gone

Freedoms gone
Yes its gone

The Last Americans


Author: Edgardo

Born in Houston, Texas and moved to Raymondvile, Texas in 1969. Family bought a radio station and helped with the family business until it was sold in 1997. Since then started an agency and mostly writes about experiences in Deep South Texas. Writers of the Rio Grande founder, editor and contributing author.


6 Responses to The Last American

  1. Henry Bean says:

    G’day, Edgardo,
    Freedom is never free. Liberty, like freedom, is often a fleeting experience that changes within each of us each day. Filled with compassion, many Americans are waking up from their sleep and are beginning to see through the illusions of our changing world. Look closely, my friend, there are a few Americans that are ready and willing and ready to pay the price for the experience of a lifetime. More and more awaken everyday thanks to poets like you that keep the lights on.

  2. Edgar Clinton Edgar Clinton says:

    Thanks Henry. Whatever happens the important thing is what happens inside of us. I don’t hate the tyrants, but they must be dealt with. For now the Republic hangs by a thread

  3. Eugene "Gene" Novogrodsky says:

    …as for the tyrants, sounds appealing, but just who are they?

    …as for freedoms, very complex USA, with many feeling quite free, others feeling they are soon to be enslaved ….

    …in the immediate, I found the Tea Party Republicans the tyrants, not their opponents …. Too bad they NEVER speak of military billions, bank thieves ….Instead, they, the tyrants they are (my definition) tried to steal health care from millions ….

    …again, just depends on whose doing the calling for freedom, freedom to do just what …?

    Too much of the recent years’ arguments have focused on the president, he with some good ideas, others like the wars, prisons …very bad …. But a tyrant he isn’t!

  4. Eugene "Gene" Novogrodsky says:

    …have been thinking about words that include “fight, freedom, Americans,” and simply can not get a solid sense of how they are used …. Thanks for causing the thoughts …attempt to picture life in the US now, which millions think fine, others far less than fine ….

  5. Edgar Clinton Edgar Clinton says:

    Gene, the western world is entering, or has already arrived at a new phase, where independent, unapproved thought and expression will not be allowed. Call it socialism, fascism, or authoritarianism, it does not matter. The term “full spectrum dominance” is applicable here. For all this to take effect, the body politic must be weak, divided, distracted and at war amongst themselves over either non-issues or ones of little import.

    The first American Revolution was over taxes, guns, and corporate control and exploitation of the colonies by Mother England. Things haven’t changed that much.
    Millions and millions feel that big government, that is the Federal Government, along with world government, the ultimate in big government, is taking, or in the process of taking both their money and their freedom. There is a Grand Canyon of a divide in this country at the present. The big government people hate the small government people, and vice versa. If I can just tap into the truth of one party, perhaps the other party will start to understand. This is my job, or you could say mission. I think I’m going to write another song from the other side of the divide; for the challenge, and to at least put a crack in the wall of mistrust and misunderstanding. Hope this explains something

  6. Eugene "Gene" Novogrodsky says:

    …very reasonable. I’ll read what you have to say about the gulf – what a new “way” might resemble in a 320-million person nation ….paz pan salud

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