Godess SweepsI brave the night, a goddess on my own
back porch. I slip into the humid breeze –
la luna curls, an eyelash, while the stars
of Hercules and Perseus gleam white
and flicker on. I part the sea of dust,
my broom’s caress wipes clean the residue
of seasons past: the piles of dirt, the leaves,
the carcasses of roaches. Mountains bow
to me. The last one fades, but in its wake,
tucked in the corner of the porch, a snake
uncoils, slithers towards my trembling feet.
The goddess in me cowers down my throat —
I’m no creator, no destroyer, just
another squealing wuss in cowgirl boots.

Originally published in the 2013 Texas Poetry Calendar, Dos Gatos Press

Katie Hoerth

Author: Katie Hoerth

Katherine Hoerth is the author of four poetry books. Her most recent, Goddess Wears Cowboy Boots (Lamar University Literary Press, 2014) won the Helen C. Smith Prize from the Texas Institute of Letters for the best book of poetry. Her work has been published in journals including Texas Poetry Calendar, Concho River Review, and Mezzo Cammin: A Journal of Formal Poetry by Women. She teaches writing at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley and serves as poetry editor of Amarillo Bay and Devilfish Review. Katherine lives in Edinburg.


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