That her hips when she walks wear the rhythm of the sea


The smell of the coast whispering

salt in the wind fused with her / with her anatomy

covered by embroidered coarse cloth


She is a juggler on the thigh rope of white foam

that the ocean leaves when it crawls the seaside

she walks every day the seaside of that beach

the limit of the Atlantic that belongs to her

as to her also belong the vessels and the seagulls


She is dark wood                  varnished with sweat

her naked feet take the whiteness of the waves away

the foam of the fury of the death of the waves

                       baptizes her heels

to build with sand her Amazon body


During Spring Break the tide of tourists rises

she throws herself with her arms full of coconuts

and handcrafts made of reed that her grandmother taught her to weave


She offers hats to a man under an umbrella

Spanish fans to a lady exposing her big belly

she offers wooden baskets to pink gringos

that grill their skins like fish under the noontime fire

and a kid who might have her same age

looks at her all confused


Then shes delighted by the girls in their bikinis

she cant break through that other dimension

of snow-white sirens lying down on their beach towels

facing the sun as chameleons

turning their backs on her

putting their sunglasses on

and repeating to her

no gracias

Author: Erika Said Izaguirre

Erika Said Izaguirre is a Mexican poet, narrator and researcher, born and raised in Ciudad Madero, Tamaulipas, Mexico. She’s the author of the book “iPoems”, a conceptual piece of literature exploring the book as an object and topics of the feminine postmodernity. She attended University of Chihuahua where she earned a degree in Spanish Literature, right now she’s a candidate for the Master of Arts in Spanish by the University of Texas, San Antonio. She is an ambassador in Texas for the movement Women Poets International. She received the First Place in the Bi-national Literary Contest Letras en el Estuario 2011 by University of Texas, Brownsville. Her area of study is Mexican contemporary literature and culture. She has been adopted by Texas and has lived in El Paso, McAllen and San Antonio.


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