Facebook Bio – Jonny and Carley Wolf were raised in an alternate Texas reality, by a pack of six hybrid great white wolves. Devout vegetarians, they roamed the scrub of the central Texas hill country learning their instruments and assimilating their rough and tumble surroundings. Moved to create, they began to fashion a stomp rock sound to chronicle their lives gone wrong…or right….

Carley has some dangerous moves, and she’s got the Colt .45 pistol to back it up. Fashioning tales of women gone wrong and gone women wronged, no revenge is too sour, and there is no escape from her relentless attack. A bucket of tears and a pistol in a sack is all she needs. Wearing boots and white leather, the devil never looked better!

And the devil speaks through Carley’s 200 Watt earth rattling LOUDER THAN THE LORD guitar amplifiers as she hammers down on her one string guitar with a metal slide creating a half chainsaw, half gatling gun guitar tone. 250+ shows and nearly 80,000 miles later, The Ghost Wolves are building themselves a dedicated and ever growing following in the USA, one town, one night, one club at a time.

Now, with their first full length in the can, a ten track album recorded in Austin entitled “Man, Woman, Beast”, produced by Gordie Johnson (Big Sugar, Govt Mule) and Big Ben Richardson (Jeff Healey, Alejandro Escovedo), The Ghost Wolves find themselves more ready than ever to hit the road at full throttle. Alejandro Escovedo, the Austin based songwriter and bandleader whom the group considers a close mentor, once put it best: “Bring it to the people.” And that they will.

Carley Wolf – Vocals, Guitar
Jonny Wolf – Vocals, Drums

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