Editor Note: The following rap existentially begs for a reply. Edgardo hopes someone will come up

with a response, a “Patriot Rap” or a “Republican Rap.” Hopefully something witty and well written. And not

just a string of curse words.


The Democrat Rap


Pander to the Mexicans

Pander to the blacks

Pander to the feminist

Put on your pussy hat.


Pander to the gays

In each and every way

It’s back in the closet with your

Boyfriend, girlfriend, tranny too

They waiting for you

Vote our way!


Be politically correct!

Or your gonna have a wreck

Cause you can’t say this

And you can’t say that

But you change up your sex

At the drop of a hat


And the evil fascist fat cats

Of course be the ones to pay


Brown is good

But black is better

But don’t even say yeller

Don’t even know what to

Call them fellers


What race is Asian anyway?


But dammit! White ain’t right


What’s wrong with red?

It just is!

Cause we said so!


So you need to know

What way to go?

Well take a hard left

Till you pass Uncle Joe

Then take a hard left again

Pass Mao Z Dong


Your at the re-education dome!


That other party

You know all those old white guys

Are really Klansmen with an elephant

For a disguise.

Don’t trust em

Wouldn’t be wise


You may be poor

You may be a criminal bum

But remember your a victim

No matter what you’ve done


There’s a land of the free

And a land of free stuff

We know what you want

We know what to say:


Come on all come all!

Have it your way!

While it’s there for the taking

Take it away


The democrat rap

How about that


The democrat rap

The democrat rap


Repeat ad naseum







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