A bullet came knocking on my door tonight

I opened and


the worn metal

reddish brown in color




I asked it to come inside

I put it on the counter

as I poured some coffee


it asked if I was

from Aliso Village

-yes I responded


It broke down

and gunpowder

clouded my vision


-never seen a bullet cry before


It began to speak

and told me

that he was intended

for my heart since 1991

and has been taking lives

ever since


it says it’s traveled through many barrios

-shot out through car windows

-up in the air

-even small distances as close as a few inches


but that it was my turn it said

as it gritted its metal teeth

and made an angry face


I picked it up and brought it to my lips


-kissed it and forgave it


From “I Took My Barrio On A Road Trip” just published by Slough Press

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Author: Edward Vidaurre

Born in East L.A., CA in 1973, Raised in Boyle Heights in the projects of Aliso Village, Known to his friends as Barrio Poet, Vidaurre says:” Sometimes the barrio claims us, holds us by our feet like roots in its field of chalk outlines closed off by the screaming yellow tape being pulled from its soul.”
Vidaurre is the founder of Pasta, Poetry & Vino and Barrio Poet Productions. He has been nominated for a pushcart prize for his poem, “Lorca in the Barrio” and is working with VAO publising on an on line literary journal called “La Noria” and also is co-editing an anthology called “Twenty” for Newtown, CT through El Zarape Press with Daniel Garcia Ordaz and Katie Hoerth. Vidaurre is the Arts Events Coordinator for the City of Edinburg, TX.


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  1. Eugene "Gene" Novogrodsky says:

    Wonderful reading Edward gave Saturday ….Thanks. Three major steps he did, said, felt, told, read ….

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