The border gulag, officially called the Willacy County Correctional Center, the imprison for profit penitentiary in Raymondville Texas exploded in February of 2015. For many years there had been reports of abuses and maltreatment at the facility and suddenly it was Ya! Basta! We’ve had enough! A Utah based private company had been running the prison, that is  Management and Training Corporation, or MTC.

It has been proven over the centuries that private business provides better service and products than does the public or governmental sector. However these prisoner customers are not the same as customers of other business; they can’t take their business elsewhere. They are stuck with whatever the proprietors have to offer them. It could be argued that the Federal Government and the State of Texas are the actual customers in this situation. If that is so let the government officials eat the crappy food, be denied even basic medical care, endure abuses and humiliation, solitary confinement, and the most bottom of the barrel custodians and guards that will work as cheaply as possible.

Partial Solutions

l. Stop or scale back the imprisonment non-dangerous and non violent offenders

2. Scale back or end drug war.

3. Stop imprisoning illegal border crossers. It does no good. Deport them instead

4. Shut down the private prison scam immediately.

Just a few suggestions…

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