Look yonder, here he comes

It’s Sylvester Lucifer Morningstar, south texas poetry, walter birdwell, writersoftheriograndeSylvester Lucifer Morningstar

He’s been gone for quite a while

Now he’s coming back home.


I heard from him from time to time

Don’t think I ever had a better friend

He left with a backpack, rod and gun

Told me he was going to go and have fun.


He visited his Grandfather Lucifer the Lightbringer

His Grandmother too, the still fair Goddess Gaia

Sylvester is getting stooped and old

But his Grandparents are still alive


I’m glad he has returned back home

His soulmate Freya missed him so

I’m going to enjoy visiting him

He’ll miss wandering to and fro.


Probably he’ll engage in study now

Teaching others what he knows

He can’t control what our enemies do

Maybe he’ll still have to fight the trolls.


I imagine he’ll stay here for years and years

He’ll still try to be the woodsman he was

When Sylvester leaves again, he’ll head West

Don’t think he’ll ever return, but it’s for the best.


Walter Birdwell

Jan 29, 2016



Author: Walter Birdwell

Born in Missouri in 1942, Walter Birdwell graduated from the University of Missouri in 1964 with a BA in creative writing. Immediately enlisted in the US army to avoid the draft and was in the US army from 1964 to 1967. Married Yolanda Garza a month after discharge from the Army and have been married forty-five years. Walter is a progressive political activist and has been for about fifty years and a follower of Pagan religious tradition for about twenty years. Have previously published newspaper articles in The Southern Patriot and the New York City Guardian newspapers (both defunct progressive newspapers) in the 1970s and have recently published articles in The Missouri Chigger, an Ozark area magazine, and the Brownsville Herald. Enjoys writing, sculpture, hunting, fishing, hiking, birdwatching, reading, traveling, and all outdoor activities.


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