Look yonder, there he goes

Sylvester Lucifer Moringstar

He’s from way back in the hills

Folks call him the forager


He’s getting a little old

His names means something

That’s what I’m told

Though it has a peculiar ring


He worships outdoor places

In the wooded hills and bowers

Does not enter church spaces

Nor lift his eyes to man made towers


Wanders looking for who knows what

Anything might happen to cross his path

Maybe a shell, a feather, or an odd rock

A long straight stick to make a staff


His name comes from ages past

He once told me what it means

What we knew we foolishly lost

But rediscovered in waking dreams

Animals and plants are his meat and bread

Nuts and berries, wild fruit so sweet

Mother Nature shelters his hoary head

Sunrise each day he gladly greets


He travels fast and light

With his pack, rod, kit, and gun

Sleeps outside each night

He’ll be gone with the setting sun




Author: Walter Birdwell

Born in Missouri in 1942, Walter Birdwell graduated from the University of Missouri in 1964 with a BA in creative writing. Immediately enlisted in the US army to avoid the draft and was in the US army from 1964 to 1967. Married Yolanda Garza a month after discharge from the Army and have been married forty-five years. Walter is a progressive political activist and has been for about fifty years and a follower of Pagan religious tradition for about twenty years. Have previously published newspaper articles in The Southern Patriot and the New York City Guardian newspapers (both defunct progressive newspapers) in the 1970s and have recently published articles in The Missouri Chigger, an Ozark area magazine, and the Brownsville Herald. Enjoys writing, sculpture, hunting, fishing, hiking, birdwatching, reading, traveling, and all outdoor activities.



  1. Eugene "Gene" Novogrodsky says:

    …Birdwell, Walter, he feels the planet, tries to get its best, tries to preserve its best, wants a fairer game of living ….

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