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  1. meliton hinojosa jr says:


    Your love ones, follow the Hurst
    Y tus amigos, te sigen a la iglecia
    Both are going to a, final destination
    Los dos van, a la eternidad

    One, to a final resting place
    Y el otro, a un futuro, desconocido
    And life goes on
    A dos destinos, desconocidos

    And we follow the per cession
    Unos felices,
    While others mourn
    And life goes on,- and death goes on

    Two different paths
    Dos trayectorias, distintas
    Yet, very similar
    Two unknowns

    Your love ones follow
    Unos felizes y otros tristes
    Other follow you to a church

    And life goes on,
    And death goes on
    Some happy,
    Some sad

    By Meliton Hinojosa Jr.
    Y Que

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