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Cosas cambian, things change, but they never the less remain the same. There is a new administration in Mexico headed now by the PRI, or the Partido Revolucionario Institutional. There have been major changes in a very minor way. Or you could say it the other way around. Minor changes in a major way.Squeaky, the Littlest Angel

Tamilipas is perhaps the most dangerous state in all of Mexico. Civilian law enforcement has totally collapsed or has gone over to the other side. The military is of course bumbling, brutal and ineffective, and of course, corrupt; almost a cliché of a Latin American Armed Service. Much strutting around, lots of parades and posturing, yet little in the way of being an effective fighting force. Their corruption comes from the top down. The rank and file are just following orders, which have never made that much sense. And most likely never will.

As a criminal investigative force fighting  sophisticated, ruthless, well financed criminal gangs they are badly out classed.

Still there is business being done across the border, families are visited and money exchanges hands.
Sources here are unnamed. If they were named, it would be something like anonymous one, two, three etc.

All reports are subject to change, and the narco fiefdoms are changing their borders and zones of influence on a constant basis. There are different fonts of intelligence that flow over the dams of terror and official disinformation that more and more has become no information, or a mere trickle that hides nine times more than it reveals.

There are a few journalist left and a few journals are left as well  in Mexico that do cover the drug war. As far as border media go, they have been shut down and shut up. Most local American media cover only travel warnings and issues of safety for American travelers.

The issue is too big and complex for small local media; and for the large mainstream information outlets, there is no money and no profit in covering the border. For those of us along the Mexican-American frontier the sad fact is that our fate is to be an effect of maleficent, huge forces that control our daily lives to a degree that few can imagine. From globalism, to the pursuit of cheap labor, to the mad all encompassing intricacies of drug prohibition, to the two faced come hither, now go away, to lets pretend we don’t need you immigration policy, but yes we will invite you in, then throw you out according to real need, corporate greed, and political exigency and expediency. There are no good guys to get behind in any of this, and no easy solutions. Answers are seeping into the sinking ship like so much bilge water; if it fountains or seeps, the truth is after all the water of life. To stretch the metaphor further, “it’s certainly not coming from the mainstream” (pun inevitable).

And in Mexico blood defies gravity: It falls upwards from the humble people and pours inwards past the blood soaked hands that rest on the thrones of power. And it leaves it’s stain upon their hearts.

It knows no border, this blood

Soon writers of the rio grande will put forth a smaller article on the practical things we all can do, or maybe just illuminate the best most practical places to keep a low profile. For now so much is happening that it almost demands mentioning

Fortune is raining gifts on  Mexico. The hard working productive people of “The children of the corn” are the land bridge from Latin America to Northern America. Also they connect to the world both by the Atlantic and the Pacific. They have opened to the world more and more, and yes, educated young immigrants are pouring into Mexico. There is opportunity now. Also with more opportunity there is more crime, and crime at a higher level.

Perhaps Mexico could be a mirror state to China, with it’s exploitive export authoritarian driven economy? Probably not. While it’s whole history is authoritarian both pre-independent and post independent Mexico has always functioned more as “take the money and run” type dictatorship. They are not really expansive.  To worship an ideology, or belief system and impose it on the subject citizens has never been the goal. The whole history to date has been the rich stealing from the poor, then the poor turning the tables on the rich, Still in the end the poor will be robbed as per routine.

So what will the “Aztec Jaguar” become. I don’t think anyone knows.

In the meantime life, and death, both go on at a furious pace. Mexican and American crime families meet at the frontera

And Mexican and American families meet there as well




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