South Texas Film FestivalThe 3rd Annual South Texas Film Festival is coming up shortly Sept 7, 2017. The film festival will start off on Thursday Sept. 7 with the premiere of “The Whole” at 8:05pm. This will be proceeded by an encore presentation of “As I Walk Through The Valley” at 6:05pm. at the Texas Citrus Theatre in downtown Edinburgh. Many other events are scheduled from September 7-8th at the Edinburg Conference Center At Renaissance.

Also The South Texas International Film Festival in collaboration with UTRGV film Professor Lawrence Gise will be conducting an editing workshop at the University of Texas Rio Grande, Edinburg Campus, on Friday, September 8th, 2017 from 2:30pm-4:30pm in the Library Annex/Music Auditorium (LIBR 1.307). For more information please contact Soledad Nunez at (956) 383-6246.

Well this years Hollywood box office receipts are hitting new lows, and while the future of the big production studios appears to be grim and getting grimmer, independent production of film and video of all sorts and genres has exploded with everyone getting in on the action. There are a variety of reasons for this. Most likely the most important is the fact that people don’t really need to go to the movies anymore. Entertainment comes to them from dozens of platforms all the time. Through the most minuscule of devices such as smart phones, tablets, etc. to very impressive large screen televisions and receivers. It is a deluge of almost constant entertainment and information, it even could be said to be an overload. Into this voracious maw of consumption, production of entertainment sustenance must be created and consumed and thrown into the aforementioned maw of the public.

Film revenues fall as well due to the fact that independent smaller producers can tailor make their product to target a specific slice of a very diverse market. Large budgets and expense demand more of a mainstream audience, to bring in mainstream profits from a large selection of the public. For example, gay and lesbian films are not big money makers for the Hollywood mainstream. Transgender and transvestite themes tend to be losers as well. This despite the fact that gayness and gay rights are all the rage, at least as far as the more left wing of the public spectrum is concerned. And as well, mainstream cinema produces far more product of this type than would be financially warranted.

Still here is an opening for the independent filmmaker. There’s bucks to be made in this minority genre. One would assume the same is true for so-called “faith based” or Christian Fundamentalist works as well. The same factors apply, that is appealing to only a segment of the public. However the fundamentalist faith based or whatever you want to call them have been doing much better than the gay and lesbian genre. Just saying cause it’s true, that’s all.

Other reasons for Hollywood’s slowdown? It could have something to do with the image that the Hollywood elite displays towards middle America. Huge swaths of the political landscape do not feel kindly towards the stars and celebrities of the film industry.
Whatever the reasons are, independent film making in Texas has it’s attractions. The locations and terrain, the vicinity to Mexico, the talent that is available in places such as Austin and San Antonio, and of course, the much diminished pile of regulations and restrictions as compared to other states and the non-union labor as well.

There are certain parts of the Rio Grande Valley as well that are as much like Mexico that you can get, without actually being in Mexico. And filming in Mexico presents many difficulties still after all this time.

Possibly some of the welfare that goes to Hollywood and other production companies may be ending. Depending on one’s point of view, this could be good or bad; but it may be happening. The Texas Legislature is considering it. To me having the government subsidize some artists, filmmakers, and writers and not others is on the very face of it a dangerous thing. But the argument goes, if we don’t do it, the other states will. And there is certainly truth to that.

Attend the South Texas Film Festival, learn what you can, network, make contacts, and see what the South Texas Filmmakers can do to enhance your cinematic enjoyment.


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