You can only fly so high
The sky will crumple
At your wings slightest brush
You can only fly so high
Now I know why

Love like ours the gods once knew
The poets howl of what happened then
The ecstasy and the shame
The greatest gift is like a stone

We can only fly so high

If love is all
How can doubt sweep it all away
Held so dear in the night
Burnt to ashes by the day

If we had to do it all again
Would it be just the same?
The past is what it is
All that’s left for today

We can only fly so high

We have gone our ways
There’s pride in what was and is today
I have a good life and sweet love
I shouldn’t complain
But still the same
Memories flood in

Whispers of love that once upon a time
Could hang the stars like diamonds
Turn the blood moon white
And light the night brighter than the day

We can only fly so high

The pain of love’s loss was our fear and curse
The fear fell upon us, it did it’s worst
So we go our ways, we’ve paid the cost
And the pure love is never lost

We can only fly so high

Flying High
Edgar Clinton April 14, 2014



Author: Edgardo

Born in Houston, Texas and moved to Raymondvile, Texas in 1969. Family bought a radio station and helped with the family business until it was sold in 1997. Since then started an agency and mostly writes about experiences in Deep South Texas. Writers of the Rio Grande founder, editor and contributing author.


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