No. 1

You can lead a chupacabra to the goat
But you can’t make it drink from its throat

No. 2

If it walks like a chupacabra
And it snarls like a chupacabra
Then it must be a chupacabra

No. 3

Give a chupacabra a goat
And it will feast for the night
Teach a chupacabra to be a goat herder
And it will live forever

No. 4

Concealment is the first chapter
Of the Book of Chupacabra Wisdom

No. 5

Success is to be measured
Not so much by the amount of goats
One has consumed in life
As by the amount of gun shells
One has dodged through it

No. 6

A keen chupacabra
May escape quickly
But its tail
It will never elude

No. 7

A chupacabra by the bun
Is worth two on the run

Chupa-ku: Volume V, Haiku Based On The Legendary Chupacabra

No. 21

personal ad read:
single chupacabra seeks
fatalistic goat

No. 22

personal ad read:
young chupacabra seeking
like-minded sucker

No. 23

strangers in the night
chupacabra, goat, farmer
someone’s going down

No. 24

a chupacabra
like childish nature alive
mystery always

No. 25

the goats are always
fatter on the other side
of the farmer’s fence


From “Songs Of El Chupacabra”

Chupacabra sits near the mesquite tree
Happy, happy lord of the sticks is he
Growl, Chupacabra! Growl, Chupacabra!
Running wild and free

Chupacabra sits near the mesquite tree
Happy, happy lord of the sticks is he
Howl, Chupacabra! Howl, Chupacabra!
Moon is full indeed

Chupacabra sits near the mesquite tree
Happy, happy lord of the weeds is he
Run, Chupacabra!, Run, Chupacabra!
Time to hide you see

Chupacabra sits on a cactus pear
Thorns sticking out like strands of hair
Yelp, Chupacabra! Yelp, Chupacabra
Sometimes life’s not fair

Juan M. Perez

Author: Juan Manuel Perez

2011-2012 Poet Laureate for the San Antonio Poets Association, Juan Manuel Perez is a native of La Pryor, Texas, and son to second Generation Mexican-Americans. He is also a former Navy/Marine Medic and currently a high school history teacher. Juan served in the First Gulf War earning the title of combat medic and extending his expertise to civilians in Florida in 1992 during the Hurricane Andrew operation. He enjoys reading and writing prose and poetry and poetry about Mexican culture, history, horror, science fiction, and his beloved comic books. He is also the author of 6 chapbooks including BENEATH THE TIGHTS (2006), WITHIN THE FUNNY COLORED PAGES (2006), and the SPIRIT OF MOTECUHZOMA II, 2nd. ed. (2006). The author is also a member of the San Antonio Poets Association, San Angelo Writers’ Club, and the Science Fiction Poetry Association.


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