The Show! – So, tell me a bit about where the idea for the short “Magpie” came from.

Russell O. Bush – Well, the film came by way of a long standing collaboration with the DP and Co-writer of the film Allen Ho. Allen and I had been roommates at the time the film started materializing… and I suppose it emerged out of our observations on a dream. I’d had a dream about a video tape coming out of my stomach, a very abstract sort of image and over the course of a couple months Allen had the idea of using that image in the context of a film.

We started writing the piece, and I drew on a series of personal feelings about families, relationships, moments from my journey as a human to try and bring some emotional context to the people involved in the world of the film. Read more>>

“Magpie” Trailer from Russell O. Bush on Vimeo.

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