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Two cops, one Chicano and one not. The latest cop -buddy movie to hit the screen. And maybe the best buddy movie since Cheech and Chong, and that was some time ago. In this movie the cop buddies don’t just grow fond of each other, but do come to love each other truly like brothers. The movies takes the time to develop this and it becomes abundantly clear. It is good to see real humanity in an action movie. especially when the plot turns ugly and exceedingly inhumane.

The streets of L.A. have always been mean, but now it seems that they are getting meaner. The Baja Cartel is moving in taking over the drug trade and the local cholo gangs are working for them now. Drive by shootings and minor gunfights and assassinations have been a fact of life for many years in Southern California, but now there’s also mass murder and sacrifice to La Santa Muerte. And, among other changes they are not above green lighting a couple of L.A. Street Cops that have inadvertently tugged on the tail of their organizations snake.

The fascinating ethnic interaction of L.A. perhaps is one of the biggest stars of the film. The descendants of Africa are losing their hold on the drug trade in South Central, and the descendants of Mexico are taking over. The culture has changed and intercultural exchange is many times expressed in dueling massacres. The days of the black gangsters are numbered in South Central. for they are outnumbered and the Chicano gangs have the support of the enormously well supplied, wealthy, and ruthless Mexican Cartels. One of these gangs gets the contract on the two LA cops. And they must succeed, or die themselves. The violence is shocking and over the top. But that is the way it is.

At the end of the movie the audience cares deeply about some of the characters. This makes movie death much more like real death. I won’t say exactly who dies, so as not to be a spoiler.

Jake Gyllenthaal and Michael Peña are the two cop buddies. Example of their banter

Pena telling Jake as he is going to the symphony with his girlfriend: “Have fun with your white people shit.” Response: I’ll bring you back a burrito”

Pena talking about Jakes new wife: You mean she’s already pregnant! She’s not even Mexican!

There is a lot more. Rio Grande Valley audiences love this type of humor

Jake Gyllenhaal
Officer Taylor

America Ferrera
Officer Orozco Orozco

Anna Kendrick

Michael Peña
Officer Zavala

Natalie Martinez Gabby

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