Come my love
Let us retreat
Let us retreat
To our bedroom
That Amber Rose, scented sanctuary
Where time alone with you
Is my favorite time of day and night

Let Us Retreat

To our favorite room in the house
Secure the door behind us
Locking us in, do not disturb
So that we may open
Our inviting arms to each other
Clench our bodies tight
In a long passionate before foreplay embrace

Releasing Briefly

So that you may glide your bewitching body
Over to your mirrored vanity
Loosen the satin hot pink ribbon
Pony tailing your perfumed
Shoulder length jet wavy hair

Aesthetically brushing it into a glistering flow
Of cascading filaments
Until they rest, on the soft, tender area
Between the lower part of your slender neck
And upper part of your loin back

My Adorning Dilated Eyes

Of the night prowling jaguar
Gaze, in fixated, anxious anticipation
Fully taking in the whole

Of your color of pearl, semita flavor figure
Your emitting womanhood
Floats symphonic towards my direction
With each grooming stroke of your ivory incased hair brush

You Sit Poised and Ladylike with Refined Etiquette Mannerism

Thinly clad in black silk bordered with scarlet lace design
Facing the symmetrical reflection of your unequaled beauty
The only other revealing witness besides me in our dimly lit love chamber

I Admiringly Watch As You Delicately SprayThe fair side of your thin wrists,

The tender inside of your graceful ballerina arms
Just above the elbows,
Behind your perfectly formed kitten ears,
Your full inviting bosom,
The erogenous sensitive skin of your inner thighs,
Enticing fragrances
Extracted from many different species
Of fully matured bouquet petals
Imported from the far reaches of the earth
Especially for you
And all other beauties of your gender

You Give Me a Flirtatious Glance

With those hazel, jasper eyes of yours`
Slightly parting your sweet tasting ruby lips,
You whisper, be patient husband
It won`t be much longer, I`ll be ready soon
All the while, my burning desire for you
Has began to visually undress you,
Erotically peeling off piece by piece, each strand
Of tiny feminine unmentionable under garments
Barely clothing your enchantress physique

You Artfully Masquerade

Your Cleopatra Maati felis eyes,
Powder puff and rouge
On your rosy Aphrodite cheeks,
Lipstick passion on your Xochiquetzal lips,
Preparing them for the forth coming
Imprints of vermillion kiss tattoos
You are about to press
All over my aroused buck embodiment

You Slowly Swivel On Your Vanity Seat

Facing me, you show me your radiant face
You pucker an alluring evening Venus smile
And gently blow a stirring whiff
Of naturally produced pheromones
Seeping from your tempered body
Unto the warm steamy air
Confined within the sweating walls
Of our bed chamber

I Tilt My Head Upwards To the Ceiling

Positioning my flared nostrils unobstructed
Above all other delicious raising vapors
That churn slough like around us
To better sniff your very familiar carnal scent.
Inhaling your enticing smell with my nasals
A rabid rush of libido reaches my brain,
Triggering a flowing gush of fervency for you

No Longer Able To Restrain Myself

I take hurdling strides towards you
The source of such physic provoking scents
Taking you in my arms,
I lift and carry you away
From the vanity reflector
Ripping your lovely image from it

The Reflecting Mirror with Its Lack of Personification

Once again, is left undone by the separation
Unable to selfishly keep your beauty anchored
In front of it, it loathingly surrenders
To unaccustomed yearnings for your return
Envious of my wonton pleasures with you

I Cover Your Mouth with a French kiss

So that the only sound
Emerging from deep inside of you
Is the muffled moan of your aroused passion.
Laying you gently on platinum moon lustrous bed sheets
Our lips remain forged until the need to gasp
For air breaks our mouths apart
Sending us into the next phase of our love making,
The exploration and discovery of new titillating zones
Not yet known to us from our many other previous
Blissful and romantic encounters

The Shaded lamp Standing Bashfully to a Corner of The Room

Blushes abidingly again with a low ardent hue
At what is about to transpire between two lifelong lovers
Similar to the coveting mirror that admiringly views your beauty
The lamp emanates just enough incandescence
Unto the many tinted curvatures of your erotic corpus
Creating a constant wave movement of glistering skin shadows

Lets Us Retreat To and Repeat

The consummated part of our marriage
Where I may lovingly caress your
Whole body, starting with your Beautiful face
The Selene face, I go to sleep with every night
Dream of during my repose…
And wake to each morning

I Shall Tenderly Place My Hands

On your piceous raven hair
Gently stroking, combing it back
With washed, tender, callused fingers
Causing your forehead to slant skyward
Accepting my closeness
As I press my nose and lips
Behind your ear to inhale your loveliness
Intoxicating myself with your mating fragrance

I Hold My Outer Body Steady

While my heart rapidly pulsates
Accelerating with fervent rhythm
Until I am able to loosen myself
From your captive smell
So that my venturing arms and hands
May continue their amorous journey
Down pass your svelte neck
And bowing backwards with stimulation back
Resting them firm
On the small part of your curvy lower waist
I pause there momentarily with rough, gentle, messaging palms
Next I place my tough hands on your perfectly shaped posterior
Rubbing your baby soft derriere conjuring thousands
Of tiny stimulated goose skin stilettos

Sensing and Feeling the Temperature Rise

Rise rapidly between us
Celsius by Estrous Celsius
The respiring steam like heat
Of your nectarous breath
Moistens the side of
My swelling neck

Let Us Retreat

To our intimate nestling mattress
To reunite, to reignite, our coupled betrothal
As we did that very first night,
That first nervous night,
First consummated night
As young, virgin, novice, Honeymooners
After we pledged to each other
Our marriage vows, placing gold ring bands
On our third finger
A symbol of our revolving Love for each other

Let Us Retreat

To our familiar entwined embrace
Behind closed doors
So that we may bestow
Our enduring love upon each other

Rudy H. Garcia 8/3/12

Author: Rudy H. Garcia

Rudy H. García, from Port Isabel, Texas, has a Master’s in Education from the University of Texas at Brownsville and earned a B.A. in psychology from Pan American University in 1976. He is a participant in the Narciso Martínez Cultural Arts Center Writers’ Forum, and is a founder of the Laguna Madre Writers Forum. Rudy has also been featured on the radio program “Themes and Variations.” His poems are published with “Poets of the East Village” in New York and he has been a featured reader for the El Paseo Arts Foundation and is published in numerous other magazines.


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  1. Eugene Gene Novogrodsky says:

    …steam, warmth and concern …all emerge!

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