I hate to deal with race and ethnic issues, as do most people, excepting of course the race pimps. They don’t mind it at all, because of course, that’s their job, their shtick, sometimes their livelihood. But so rarely does anyone deal directly and honestly with the issue, and if they do, and what they say is helpful, then they will be viciously attacked on a professional and personal level, have campaigns started against them, and be pilloried and social media lynched by any one of a mob of group thinkers and haters cowering under the sheets of political correctness and crypto-racism.

Dishonest and overt and other times covert complicity in race rule the roost today. Vicious and noxious group-think have more or less shut down all rational discussion.

Cold hard truth has been replaced by warm, slimy, rationalization and dis-ingeniousness.

There are designated race victims and only they and what they think are their white minions are allowed to first frame the dialogue, and then be allowed to comment. The secret here is that what is believed to be leadership by the minorities over their white minions is total inverse illusion. The white minions mindfully or unmindfully are in charge over the putatively offended minorities. They themselves serve some other agenda’s; most have little knowledge or concept of whose agenda that is, or who really controls the strings. It’s just been that way for as long as they can remember.

Let me explain. The force that fuses the world and nature and rules, or is pure existence, is paid little mind to by the masses. There is benevolent force throughout existence, but in opposing and equal measure there is the not good, some would say evil; and this evil presents itself always as the good. It pretends to be a friend but in the end it is the worst of enemies.

You don’t have to look to hard to see that “Political Correctness” is not about helping different groups but hurting the relationships of people that interact across these groups. A majority of major media and the educational establishment, and much of the perennial bureaucracy all go along with the party line. Who creates the party line? Who sends out the marching orders? Did you or I vote them into office? The fact is that the most powerful control is over those that do not know they are being controlled. Or even the overlords that are doing the controlling.

Peer pressure is at it’s most powerful in adolescence; now with extended adolescence peer pressure can last a lifetime. If you say or do certain things your are ‘uncool” or offensive, or insensitive, or racist, and you will be shunned. Control the setting, and with the reach of the internet, the rise of social media and it’s continuous demand to be”liked” and it all becomes almost inevitable that we have the rise of the “Idiocracy” (as in the movie from Mike Judd).

An example of politically correct idiocy in action

White people or Caucasians can be insulted or mocked at will. They don’t matter. The strange thing here is that white people don’t really care all that much about what minorities call them, as long as they don’t get shot at, or knifed or robbed. The famous saying about sticks and stones applies here.

I think the same rules they have for white people should be applied to everyone.

This issue will be back later for a second go round. Though like I have iterated I hate to touch on such matters

To end on a positive note I would like to throw some kudos out to persons of Mexican extraction

First off they are never ashamed but only proud of their native dress. Sombreros and serapes are not considered degrading but are symbols of pride. Many white liberals think that wearing Mexican clothing is pejorative, but this is only their reverse, perverse racism at work.

Again, many white liberals think that eating tacos is demeaning to Mexicans…The reverse is true. Mexicans have enormous pride in their cuisine, and it is well deserved. You’ll never see them ashamed of eating tacos, or beans, or tortillas. When they pronounce even the names of their cuisine, the do it with love and a little extra emphasis.

In short, they are not ashamed of their culture, White liberals have had more success turning African-Americans against their own culture. African-Americans can’t enjoy a watermelon in public, many are embarrassed to ask for the fried chicken in a restaurant where white people are, and tap-dancing, which was a black entertainment specialty is a talent that now has to be hidden away, for fear of what the white people might think.

I guess what I’m saying is it might be time to be a little less reactive



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