Not since the bloody War Between the

States has there been such division.

The good news here is that for the new

paradigms to grow, they must shed first

the old. So much has changed and the old

politics of the past is dying, or at

least gasping it’s last, and the new politics

has been born alive. But there are

many post abortionist, who while they could not kill

it in the womb, now wait slavering

outside the recuperation room to complete their mission.

Like him or loathe him, Donald Trump has

shaken the world up more than any other

presidential figure since Ronald Reagan.

His campaign was like no other. He proved

that campaign politics had stealthily

changed without any of the establishment

media or pundits really taking note of

it. He came in under their radar, and in

spite of being out spent perhaps eight to

one (depending on how you count) he won

the heart of America in an electoral landslide.

The forces arrayed against him were formidable.

Going from the top down, there was what

many call the “New World Order” a

collection of financiers and

international banks and government

institutions that essentially want a one

world government with themselves and

their organizations and families in

perpetual and total control over all humanity.

The minions in industry and government

all fell in line as well. From the

military industrial complex to Wall

Street, to the Tech Industry and the

Internet commerce giants, they all filled the

coffers of Hillary Rodham Clinton to overflowing.

The corporate media all lined up against

Trump as well, like good little minions.

Special interests and bureaucrats by the

millions also fell into the ranks and

they were as passionate in their

opposition to Trump as they were

unenthusiastic for Hillary.


Their reasoning was obvious. Donald Trump

was a potential threat to anyone in

Government. Waste and inefficiency were

targets, and the incredible spending of

the Federal Government provided an

excellent living for what uncharitably

could be called parasites, and charitably

be called “public servants”.

The battle was on, and is still on.

There hasn’t even been a Christmas Truce,

or anything similar.

The amount of people receiving Federal

Money in one form or another is around

47% according to Mit Romney in 2012. Many

of them have a personal stake in

government spending and waste.

Then of course there is minority

pandering and race baiting, and class

warfare, all used unceasingly against

Trump. Oh, and let’s not forget gender warfare.

But these venerable and perennial tactics

of Democrats and Progressives may have

backfired. White voters were turned off en mass.


The aforementioned array of enemies

perceive Donald Trump as an existential

threat to themselves, their livelihoods,

their status and power, their belief system and almost literally,

everything they hold dear.

Also, at the risk of diving into

speculation and amateur psychology, there

could be another reason that the left

side of the American electorate opposes

Donald Trump with such vehemence: He is

not only (to them) a despised white man,

but also a despicable man’s man white

man. So much evil layered over evil. By

the same token this fact could be part of

the devotion and almost worship that

another part of the electorate feels for him.


Here we go into a more mystical tangent:

There is an innate antipathy and rivalry

in the animal world among different

species: such as hyenas versus lions,

dogs versus cats, birds against snakes

etc. Political people are much more than

animals, but we are all animals as well.

Many times we act just like them without

even recognizing the fact.

So this political civil war starting in

2016 and still ongoing, even intensifying

seems horribly fated to endure for a good

while. We can’t really avert our eyes.

It’s indubitably a massive train wreck of

award winning status.

Part 11

The current American Political Civil War

includes other sub-conflicts within it’s

purview. The Border War with Mexico will

in all likelihood work out. The new Trump

Administration no longer will let the

U.S. serve as an escape valve for the

Mexican government to use to maintain

it’s ineptitude, corruption, cronyism and

criminality. The rot of one party rule,

official impunity, monopolistic practices

and theft will collapse without the

safety valve of remittances, emigration,

and the exploitation of the American

worker under NAFTA and the transmutation of formerly high paying

American jobs to low wage Mexican employment.


Mexico can be it’s own nation and not

just a satellite of the United States, if

it wants to. It is up to the Mexican

people. Sadly, when speaking to Mexicans,

one is left with the impression that they

have given up all hope. They believe that all

new politicians will be just as rat like

as the old ones. And there is much to

justify this belief. However, without

hope there is no chance of belief, without

belief there is no action, and without

action there is no change.

So really there is no choice but to act.


So in addition to the American Political

Civil War there is a subset of Mexican

and American Political War that could be

starting up. The people of Mexico and the

United States don’t need conflict…What

they need is co-ordination and co-

operation. Illegal immigration to the

United States is a net zero when Mexican

repatriation is factored in. The people that are crossing over are Central

Americans as well as people from all across the world. The most cost

effective solution is not a wall on the U.S. southern border, but instead a

bounty paid to Mexico for keeping aliens out of Mexico and thus out of the

United States. We’re talking here about co-ordination and co-operation.

Mexico has a 600 mile border with Guatamela as compared to the 2,000

mile border it has with the United States. That is where the wall should be.

President Trump and the people in his administration are some of the

smartest and toughest people in the world. They will come to this

conclusion eventually. But politics makes idiots of us all.

So we will see.


If all goes according to plan and the United States economy starts hitting

on all eight cylinders again and then the  overdrive kicks in, we are going to

need Mexican and other imported workers in the worst way. It all could be

arranged to everyone’s benefit, but with the climate of mutual

demonization and political warfare things remain doubtful.

We could go on into more detail, and hopefully we will.

Of course the overriding conflict of the moment is globalism versus



This subject could fill many a column indeed.

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