“Plastic Christmas”

(A Song Of the Season)
by Edgardo

It’s a plastic Christmas
That’s just how it feels
A plastic Christmas
Not much here seems real

There is one thing for sure
That’s how I feel
All that’s left now is a lie

She was honey-blond in her youth
Sweetness personified
The promise of her smile
The delight in her eyes
A road map of desire
Her curves made real

And all that was like nothing
To the way she made me feel
When she held my hand
Whispered “ It’s gonna be all right”

She took my money
Disappeared into the night
To meet her connection
But I believed every lie

What was I to do?

A Fool can live in his dream
Then he grows wise
Now he has nothing
Just this empty past

It’s a plastic Christmas
No tinsel is ever real
If only it were true
The way she made me feel

They’re all watching the old man
He’s slumped over his coffee cup
If you’re alone for too long
Its loneliness will fill you up

And no death is as deadly
As is the death of hope
With semi-inquisition
The idle feeders watch
As a rag bundle staggers off
Into the night

It’s a plastic Christmas
That’s just the way I feel
A plastic Christmas
Here the tinsel is not real

Just one thing is
That’s the way I feel
If only that were a lie

She has a little palace
She lives there with her ghost
Beauty fading slow as the lights go lower and lower
She has her comforts and she returns them to the night
The gentlemen what provide the funds
For her (not so much now)
Grand lifestyle

To the echoes of the girl she was
She drinks in the tinseled light
It’s a plastic Christmas
Peace on earth and all of that


Author: Edgardo

Born in Houston, Texas and moved to Raymondvile, Texas in 1969. Family bought a radio station and helped with the family business until it was sold in 1997. Since then started an agency and mostly writes about experiences in Deep South Texas. Writers of the Rio Grande founder, editor and contributing author.


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  1. Gene Novogrodsky says:

    …have been reading Edgar’s sense of the universe, and I like how he does not wear blinders …. Yes, a bittersweet view of it all ….Thanks!

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