First published March 2, 2016

Update May 28, 2017 The real Memorial Day

The O.J. hit me like a ton of bricks

And my mind went into a haze and

Memories started to fade


Was it the O.J. that made her fade?

Or was it the smoke?

Didn’t know-didn’t care

The pain eased

My mind went blank

Her memory went blank

While I smoked another O.J.


I came down from my high

 She came in , in my low

 So I reached for another O.J.

 To make her, go away.


Editors Note: OJ’s were very popular during the Vietnam era. Especially in Vietnam. They were Marijuana Joints dipped into or sprinkled with opium.



Author: Meliton Hinojosa, Jr.

Born in El Sauz, Texas to Meliton Hinojosa and Guadalupe Hinojosa in 1948, he has a BA and an MA in education from Texas A & M-Corpus Christi and currently teaches automotive mechanics at San Benito High School.


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One Response to OJ

  1. Editor says:

    Love Mel’s power, love it. A voice of the brush, river, interior, near and far, war peace love death.

    Eugen”Gene” Novogrodsky

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