Not something I think anyone would want to get into but here we go. The protest of the National Anthem and the flag during professional football games has been covered ad naeuseum. It really only has exploded over the last few weeks, but it feels like it has been going on forever. Patriotism has been labeled the last refuge of scoundrels, and fealty and love for country has been exploited and used for unjust, even evil, and yes many times ridiculous wars. And these things have given myself, along with many others pause.

But to withhold respect for the symbols of America to protest alleged racial injustice and inequity is misguided at best, and at worst, is part of an ideological program to erase a peoples sense of their identity as a people with a common heritage and a shared belief system. I suspect that the unseen hands of the powerful working behind the scenes are after the Constitution itself and the Republic under which it was founded.

There are two main beliefs, as well as many minor ones as well, concerning the fundamental nature of the Republic and tradition under which we live.

One is that the main tenets and foundations of the American System are intrinsically bad and irredeemably flawed from it’s foundation.

The other is that the American System, while not perfect, is still the best in the world, or very close to it.

Upon examination of the nations of the world, especially now with all the limitations and persecutions of free speech in the so called Western Democracies of Europe, The United States is the most free, and still has the most opportunity for all. I’m talking red, yellow, black and white, all the colors of the human rainbow.

Be that as it may.

Protesting the Flag or the National Anthem for a lack of racial justice, or any other kind of injustice is disingenuous at best. At worst, perfidious. It makes as much sense as protesting a cow for a lack of quality eggs. There is no connection between the two.
(Admittedly an imperfect analogy). The symbols are not the problems and the shortcomings of this nation, they are the promise and the dream of the nation and it’s people. We are all in the process of becoming and changing.

Insulting and slapping the face of someone, or talking bad about their Mother, or being gratuitously demeaning to people you are trying to influence is not going to work.
Neither is disrespecting their national symbols.

The other noteworthy observation that comes into view, is the almost total disconnect and disrespect, yea even disdain and deprecation that the elite has for it’s very own fans and customers. In a nation that is now, well at least among the elite and their minions, mostly irreligious, or non-religious, the athletic, professional, celebrity, political and entertainment elite have become as gods or demi-gods. The proletariat worships them, buys worthless merchandise from them to both advertise for their demi-gods and to fatten their already swollen accounts. And then aside from the lip service of “thanking the fans” they are at the end thrown to the dogs and figuratively spit upon by their all too human divine beings. Their flag, their country, and their traditions are dragged through the dirt.

And in addition to the worthless swag, overpriced tickets, and assorted rip-offs connected with the NFL, fans and taxpayers are on the tab to pay for the giant stadiums and facilities, security and what have you that this bloated, multi, multi billion dollar, so called non profit organization can milk from the public and the fans; who are in equal part devoted and delusional. All to this so-called “non-profit” organization…Really.

As may be noted players, coaches, and owners stand united in their disdain for their customers…For after all, they are all the elite.

It is no coincidence that the NFL along with other monopolistic industries and firms, stands with the Liberal Progressive Socialist Globalist Authoritarian (but with iron fist encased in velvet glove) Establishment that endures through the decades, longer than presidents, or periods of party dominance or whims and winds of popular change. The National Football League is the dominant circus in the “bread and circuses” entertain division of authoritarian one world globalism. The other monopolies play their role as well.

I thought to make a few quick points here, but there actually is a lot behind the (yuk and barf) NFL flag protests.

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