Wikipedia – Neon Indian is an indie band from Denton, Texas. The music is composed by Mexican-born Alan Palomo (born July 24, 1988), also known for his work with the band Ghosthustler and as the artist VEGA. The band’s debut, Psychic Chasms, has received many favorable reviews, including the designation of Best New Music and 14th best album of 2009 by Pitchfork Media. The Rolling Stone magazine called Neon Indian one of the hottest new bands of 2010.

Doug Freeman – Texas Music – Ocober 1, 2010
NO ONE QUITE expected the breakout success of Neon Indian, least of all the outfit’s 22-year-old creator, Alan Palomo. Stepping away from the din of a UK pub just outside of Stonehenge, where the band is celebrating the European release of Neon Indian’s debut, Psychic Chasms, nearly a year after the album became the indie-electro soundtrack to summer in the US, Palomo is still amused by the project’s popularity. “Obviously everything that I have to say about the record, or about life around that time or how Neon Indian came to be, is really just very much ipso facto rationalization, ideas that I just sort of explain to make it palatable for people to read or something. But really, everything was just circumstantial,” confesses Palomo with a laugh. “It’s bizarre, because Neon Indian was the thing that I had the least amount of expectation in with anything that I had been involved in.”

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