Walter Birdwell


I take my evening walk

Around the cove and river

Stop to visit neighbors

When I see them out


Here is the extended family at their house

That are our town’s undertakers

Good evening to you all and thanks

Not everyone can do what you do for us


There is the new family, Mom and Dad

Swimming with their five children

Your kids are happier than some

Healthy exercise rather than a computer


There is a grizzled old gentleman

Hurrying home, not very sociable

He is a very good home builder

Built his complex house by himself


I see a couple of very old friends

Who taught me a lot about

Being grounded and visionary

The proper way to see life


I saw the buzzards’ roost tree

A family of geese, a groundhog, and

Two different great blue herons.

Who knows what I’ll see tomorrow.


Author: Walter Birdwell

Born in Missouri in 1942, Walter Birdwell graduated from the University of Missouri in 1964 with a BA in creative writing. Immediately enlisted in the US army to avoid the draft and was in the US army from 1964 to 1967. Married Yolanda Garza a month after discharge from the Army and have been married forty-five years. Walter is a progressive political activist and has been for about fifty years and a follower of Pagan religious tradition for about twenty years. Have previously published newspaper articles in The Southern Patriot and the New York City Guardian newspapers (both defunct progressive newspapers) in the 1970s and have recently published articles in The Missouri Chigger, an Ozark area magazine, and the Brownsville Herald. Enjoys writing, sculpture, hunting, fishing, hiking, birdwatching, reading, traveling, and all outdoor activities.


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