My Fellow Americans

A moderate risk

A 3rd world war

Not US policemen

But watched by the world

Videos don’t lie

Watch videos and you’ll see

Poor dying children

US missiles won’t hurt thee

Gas Mask

Gas Mask

Russia is Syria’s ally

So we’ll let the UN decide

Lead by US dollars

They will favor our side

It’s Global US security

We are better off now

We invade all people’s privacy

Policemen are trained how

August 21

The day the war began

May God bless you

My fellow Americans

Our ideals are challenged

Said Franklin Roosevelt

I say I speak for others

Though I speak only for my self

Lefts or rights

Brothers are we all

I’ll take your jobs and land

If you fail to heed my call

Why get involved?

It’s only a moderate risk strike

Others might use chemicals

And more children will die

We must help the workers

Kids and middle class

Another slippery slope

We’ll strike them with our gas

So you can’t kill people

You are not a threat at all

Or we will kill you people

And cheer happy as you fall

I have resisted

But I can no more

I possess authority

To change my stance on war

Weapons of mass destruction

Facts can’t be denied

Life is black and white

The president spoke tonight.


Author: Ken “Bluetown” Trevino

Ken Bluetown Trevino is a poet, a playwright, surfer, father, and husband. He has a Bachelor of Arts in English from Incarnate Word College, and Associate of Arts in Behavioral Sciences from San Antonio College, and is currently working on his Masters in English at UT Brownsville. He has two daughters, one wife, four cats, one boxer (Duke), and a turtle named Shelly. When he is not working he enjoys reading, writing, and being with his family in Tepic, Nayarit, Mexico. Bluetown resides in Port Isabel Texas.


3 Responses to My Fellow Americans

  1. Eugene "Gene" Novgrodsky says:

    …read several times, feel confusion in my mind, perhaps Bluetowns’s, too ….But certainly important to at least put some confusion/ambivalence/sarcasm/doubt in print ….

  2. Ken "Bluetown" Trevino says:

    Confusion- the psuedo conscience of Obama II and the change in voice from the president to the concerned citizen at the end of the poem. Ambivalence-the change from empathy to apathy, Obama I, Obama II. Why? Sarcasm – if you don’t stop killing yourselves, we’ll kill you-hypocracy. Doubt – where do we go now? Obama II and the Iranian president are now bonding. Is it possible we have been infiltrated? PS – almost all the words came straight from his sixteen minute speech, though not exactly in order of presentation.

  3. Eugene "Gene" Novogrodsky says:

    …should add that the President’s wobbling is VERY human, a relief from certainty ….Too, he is often a prisoner of a reactionary Congress, weapons industries, global warriors, global money …limited in what he can do ….Meanwhile, I usually like his shades of gray approach ….I’ve had it with so-so-certain folk ….

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