The immigration surge along the border, but especially in the Rio Grande Valley may be starting up again for the summer season; or perhaps not. Things have changed a lot from last year; for one Mexico has started enforcement of a sorts on its southern border with Guatemala and is making life much more difficult and dangerous for migrants. And “La Bestia” or the “The Beast” the freight train that runs from Central America all the way to Reynosa, is no longer being ignored by authorities, and migrants are being arrested and shipped back to their homes in Central America. How long this enforcement surge will last is anybody’s guess.

On the other hand the Obama administration could do anything at any time, and has, and has had in the past a “come hither” and, at the same time, a “stay back, no closer” message to immigrants. Desperate people will react to a mere chance of asylum or legalization of status. So they could be coming in droves, or not so much, quien sabe?

A greater issue that does affect us all, and could become more extreme in the future is connected to the  immigrant wave over the last year. Mothers have been showing up with children in tow and turning themselves into the Border Patrol, which turns them over to ICE, who in the word of one BP union spokesman, “goes on to complete the smuggling process” They are sent north to unite with family members, or sponsors, to await their court date. In the past many have not returned for adjudication. For a variety of reasons governments never imprison women at the rate they do men (there are various obvious and occult reasons for this) and so ankle tracking bracelets, or “pulseras controlladores” have been used more and more. They are bulky, uncomfortable, must be charged at least 3 hours per day, are sensitive to water and have other issues, but supposedly are better than jail. In the meantime Central American and Mexican immigrants are locked up for up to 5 years at a time for repeated illegal crossing. Conditions at these detention centers have led to riots.

It makes more sense if you look up “The prison industrial complex” otherwise it makes little to no sense at all.

So let’s put on our futurist cap and peer over the horizon a little.

There will come a time when huge percentages of Americans will be presented with the choice:

“Do you want to stay in jail until you are adjudicated? Or do you want this tracking bracelet? Or here is a no fuss, no hassle, don’t need to do anything with it, in fact you will forget all about it, microchip. Takes a few minutes to implant, then your free to go, any where inside this area (maybe your home, maybe the county) What do you say?”

Cars track us, cell phones track us, even smart televisions are tracking us. Looking into the future, it won’t be just Ms. Immigrant that has her location and movements tracked.

Oh and you may need this chip to buy and sell

Many Christians say this is the “mark of the beast” referenced in the “Book Of Revelations: and many other than Christians are deeply concerned as well.

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