As the squawking, cackling, laughing sound of excited sea gulls during early morning flight stir me, wake me,

from my drowsing state,nand the day- breaking putt, putt, putt, puttttttttttttttering, cicada pumping sound of docked shrimp boats bulge

emptying the fore nights` seeping high,low tide sea water out of their belly`s bins.

I laboriously  open my still heavy eye lids, hazily squinting towards the dawning eastern horizon, framed

by bedroom window panes.

Adjusting my vision into focus, I take in the new twilight, lavender, blue, cresting above the gold,

followed by orange-red, followed by yellow

than platinum light. A prodigious yawn, a deep inhale of moist, salty spice early morning sea breeze, a reverberating stretch,

re-kindling warm blood flows once again through my reposed vessel veins.

I sit up on my side of the bed before rising to my feet,

turn to look at you lying next to me still sleeping

with a serene, peaceful, angelic face. The kind of perfect portrait face renaissance master painters gave us for the ages.

I remain there awhile, still, silent, beholding, awing your beauty; then, just before I rise, I realize God`s purposeful intention

when he created you. I stand, and a smile becomes my face.

Rudy H. Garcia 11/7/14

Author: Rudy H. Garcia

Rudy H. García, from Port Isabel, Texas, has a Master’s in Education from the University of Texas at Brownsville and earned a B.A. in psychology from Pan American University in 1976. He is a participant in the Narciso Martínez Cultural Arts Center Writers’ Forum, and is a founder of the Laguna Madre Writers Forum. Rudy has also been featured on the radio program “Themes and Variations.” His poems are published with “Poets of the East Village” in New York and he has been a featured reader for the El Paseo Arts Foundation and is published in numerous other magazines.


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