This is a link to very good, very much needed investigation. In addition to the Americans that have disappeared into Mexico over the last six years, there are some 26,000 Mexicans that have vanished without a trace. And there have been hundreds that have disappeared as well into the hands of the Mexican Army and police to never have been seen again.

The solution remains elusive. No official on either side of the border  deigns to offer up the obvious. Placing an entire country off limits to travel is one way to keep safe. However, more and more kidnappings and home invasions are coming across the border. For those fleeing the cartels, not even the border regions are safe.

The obvious solution is to rethink the drug war. Marijuana legalization would cut the criminal cartels income in half, if not by two thirds or more, no one can say exactly until it is done. In the meantime the nanny state will produce death, disaster and disorder of incredible magnitude.

Hundreds of Valley Residents Missing in Mexico
KRGV News Feb 28 2013

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  1. Rudy Nunez says:

    I have tried to keep up on this tragedy; it was heartbreaking to see it in Mexico, and it is maddening to see it coming into this country and getting worse all the time.
    I have always believed that decriminalization of marijuana will ease things, but there are still the other much more dangerous drugs. It will have to be a combined effort from all of South & Central America and the USA.
    It may have the impact of a global war, so that is what we will have to prepare for and commit ourselves to. rnunez

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