What exactly is going on in the Mexican State of Michoacan and in Mexico? For those that don’t know, and I would count on that

being the vast majority of people outside of Mexico, tyranny and criminality have run so amuck that citizens are left with two choices:

Either submit to the government and cartels, which means total slavery, including rape, unlimited and arbitrary taxation, extortion,

and eventually death from the criminal class and the police and army that shield the gangster. In point of fact, in the ever shifting

alliances amongst the gangsters, there is really no way to tell who is in charge at any particular time.

So the middle class and the peasant class have three choices; One is to flee to other areas in Mexico or to the United States; another is

to stay and try to survive as a slave to not just one, but to multiple cruel masters, and the third is to fight back.

All three choices are difficult to say the least. but if one is to die, better it be on his feet than on his knees.

So to the alarm of gun control enthusiasts the world over some of the Mexican people are choosing to arm themselves and fight back.

One of the prime tenets of the founders of these UnitedState was the inherent and god-given right of self defense. And in Mexico they

are finding out the hard way, what it means to be helpless. Things may be peaceful for a while, but when the end game comes down to

the finish, as Chairman Mao said: “Political power comes out the barrel of a gun.” He was wise in his evil.

Warning: The following video is extremely graphic. Watch at your own discretion.

Subtitles are in English

Michoacan Strikes Back

Obama-backed Mexican Troops Disarm and Massacre More Civilians 

Mexican Self Defender


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  1. meliton hinojosa jr says:

    And life goes on and death goes on and they have destroyed the beautiful Mejico, que triste.
    Meliton Y que

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