This could be a stroke of genius on the part of Mexico’s PRI leadership

By bringing in the grass roots self defense forces that have been battling the narco Knights Templar and other gangs, even actually taking back towns, villages and territory, they have gained enormous popular support in Mexico, something on the order 80 to 90% support for the auto-defensas, as they are called. The narcos themselves have shown little backbone when it comes to resisting even lightly armed citizens with a motley assortment of  weapons and little in the way of military training. They have done what the police and army couldn’t or wouldn’t.

Now that the army will have all their names and have their guns registered, the days of being the one uncorrupted and independent security force in Mexico are likely numbered. Mexico watchers certainly have quite a show going on and more episodes coming up




Mexico legalizes vigilantes, nabs cartel leader

 Self-Defense Groups Will Become Institutionalized

anonymous comment from Border Land Beat post

did we forget that the rurales were the most abusive police force in mexico? Read Barborous Mexico it lays out all the brutality they did under orders from porfirio diaz. they were disbanded after 1914 for a reason, they were brutal. they would kill men and stay in their houses and rape their wives and daughters and take their sons as new recruits. They are brutal and not to be trusted. the Mexican government is not to be trusted if this is what the autodefensas are going to be then long live los Caballeros Templarios. Un bien por conocer es peor que el malo por conocido. Ya valio madre.

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