Along the border of the Rio Grande Mexico boils and bubbles, simmers and cools, in many respects turns ice cold in the broiling sun of early June, but then from no sign of life, to suddenly life and death, it can all change in a moment.
Crossing the bridge at Los Indios Texas to the no name town adjacent on the other side, peace and tranquility reign. The Mexican Migra are mostly concerned the latest chisme (gossip) and sharing it with their fellow officers; and as there are many young female migras now, romantic entanglement is always in the air. The name of the little town is El Ejido de Carreta. It once was a communal farm, or still is. Mostly now no one can make a living on one, but El Ejido de Carreta is as good a name as any.
The army post is somewhat relaxed as well. They don’t really expect any gun play, still they stand ready to shoot someone at a moments notice and they stop cars leaving Mexico, ask a few questions, do the most cursory search you can imagine, and then say “tenga buen dia.”

Migrants in CBP Custody

Migrants in CBP Custody

Seems like the kind of action that is mandated by the aid given to Mexico in the “war on drugs” and the Mexicans are happy to be bribed and happy not to do anything much at all. The dollars from the Yanqui Uncle Sucker keep a coming and they keep pretending; much like every other Third World Country where we are unfortunately involved.

Visitors also avoid Matamoras where lawlessness is a way of life. The city and state officials have learned to lie, or avoid, or disseminate propaganda at an enormous and professional rate. The current Obama Administration could be giving them lessons they are that opaque, deceptive and disingenuous. The truth is the major cartels are still battling it out, but now criminal discipline has broken down, and smaller gangs are entering the fray. Of course what is true today, may be history tomorrow, the situation is both volatile and fluid.

On the overriding issue of today, the Children’s Immigration Invasion from Central America shows no sign of abatement. Teenagers to toddlers are flooding across the Rio Grande having found a gaping hole in U.S. immigration law. This is the fact that minors from Central America can not be sent back across the river the next day after their arrest. They end up now most times deep into the interior where they are more or less safe from deportation.

In response to this Humanitarian emergency the Republicans are making political hay from it, as are the Democrats. If Obama and his regime can maintain a wedge between Latinos and Republicans that is really all that really matters. So far it has been working, and the Republicans fall right into the trap and speak their minds and their outrage. All it takes is one cold, uncaring and heartless comment and millions of votes are lost. Democrats have learned to hide their hands, and even if they despise a group they will smile and pretend and never criticize.
In the meantime, it looks like the Central American migrant youth movement is very well organized. According to many reliable sources they know the exact legal language to use while talking to immigration, and while the grapevine of friends and family is important, there has been a concerted media campaign in Central America with TV ads, billboards, bus signs, and articles placed by friendly (this means bribed or threatened) journalists. Undoubtedly much of this has been orchestrated by the Coyote Cartels, which are much the same now as the drug cartels, but  publicity has been likely purchased by some other groups as well.

One factor that cannot be ignored is that when Central Americans or Mexicans reach a majority, overwhelmingly they vote democratic. First generation immigrants traditionally have. So why would the Democrat establishment be upset with unfettered immigration? More for them!
There is one thing we can count on happening: Politics will overrule all else. Immigration is the third rail of American Politics, grab a hold of it at your peril.

And the future little dreamers are all unwitting pawns of the immigration mess.





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