Meet the Author Series at Paragraphs presents

“In Search of Jeremy”
“The Lightning Bug Named Blue”

Signings and readings by author Melodye Faith Hathaway
Saturday,May 3rd
”The lightning Bug Named Blue” 11AM Children’s Storytelling
“In Search of Jeremy, A Mother’s Story” signing 1-3 PM


“The Lightning Bug Named Blue” is a children’s book created by the author, Melodye Hathaway, Hiawatha, Lightning_bug_Named_BlueKansas, when she was 12 years old. She would tell the story to all the children she babysat for. It is a story about a lighnting bug named Blue, who was born unable to turn on his “light”. He is picked on and bullied by his schoolmates and is struggling with not fitting in at school. Another classmate, Brute, comes up with an idea to seek out The Old Bug from another forest that will have the answers for helping Blue turn on his light. Together Blue and Brute share an adventure that leads them through many “bumps in the road” and in the end he does find his light, but how he finds it is different than he or Brute ever expected. Melodye published the book to share as a legacy to her grandchildren, to highlight her grandson’s artwork, and to share poem contributions written by another Hiawatha, Kansas author/poet, Helen Knabe. This book is an excellent mesh of three generations coming together, and a great tool for helping children deal with their own special gifts”.

“In Search of Jeremy”, a true story about a 4-yr-old deaf boy, Jeremy Coots, who wandered away from In_Search_of_Jeremy mediumthe babysitter’s home south of Atchison, KS, near the Missouri River on February 18, 1977. The author Melodye (Coots) Hathaway describes in captivating and honest detail the 5-day search for her son and the aftermath that followed. She was in her ninth month pregnancy with her second child as thousands of searchers over the course of 5 days came together to find her little boy, which officially ended with the findings of an air scent dog team. It is a sad, heartbreaking, moving, uplifting and hopeful read, with a comfortable flow. The author takes you through a parent’s worse fear. You weep with Melodye as well as rejoice with her as she takes you through the grief process. The author gives the reader a Wonderful glimpse into a hopeful future even in difficult times. As you read her words you feel the sadness and pain as well as the peace, love and hope she has been given. So many can and will benefit reading this moving, uplifting true story.

Melodye HathawayMelodye Faith Hathaway is a free-lance writer, motivational speaker, specializing in loss and grief, poet and author/publisher. She currently is the co-host for “The Smoking Glass Hour” with Baron Glass on Blog Radio Talk Show, Waco 4 State.

She writes for many online publications. “The Lightning Bug Named Blue” is her fourth self-published book; her first was published in September of 2012.

She is an active member of the LinkedIn Social Media Marketing Group, the Writers and Authors Circle Group and the Fundraising Professional Group. Her career experience spans the healthcare, law enforcement, marketing and journalism fields.

Melodye plans to publish her latest project, ”For the Love of Jeremy”, in the fall of next year. She resides in Hiawatha, Kansas with Roger, her husband of over twenty one years, along with their dogs: Jake and Cheddar, and enjoys everything that living in a small community offers.

Melodye created the story “The Lightning Bug Named Blue” when she was 12 years old and she would tell the story to all the children she babysat for. She published this book to share as a legacy to her grandchildren, to highlight her grandson’s artwork, and to share poem contributions written by another author/poet, Helen Knabe of Hiawatha, Kansas. Melodye feels this is an excellent mesh of three generations coming together.

Her website is: where you may contact her for speaking engagements, books she has published, or her handcrafted beaded book marks. She enjoys blogging, and you may follow her at: You may also follow her on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

This event is free and open to the public.
Paragraphs On Padre Boulevard, 5505 Padre Blvd. South Padre Island, TX
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