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Dear Friends,
We are fortunate to have Kim Doner, author and illustrator, coming to Paragraphs on Padre Blvd for a book signing and lecture on February 7th from 1-3PM. Kim has written 3 children’s books and works with P.C. Cast as illustrator and co-author, with P.C. Cast, of “The Fledgling Handbook 101” She has a program she puts on for schools and libraries but I think you can learn about it better from her:
“I’ve recently finished my fourth illustrated work with PC Cast, (release date is Feb.19th for Neferet’s Curse) but the three available are:

Dragon’s Oath
Lenobia’s Vow
The Fledgling Handbook (which I co-wrote with her as well as did the artwork).

Kim DonerBesides the YA line, I have also illustrated picture books. Two popular titles are Buffalo Dreams and On a Road in Africa. Since I’m such a hybrid, it’s hard to figure who my audience might be – elementary school or young/new adult books, or simply artists (since I’m most recognized as an illustrator). My presentation suits all ages. In this presentation, I talk about ideas and process as well as draw, share visuals, and (for the grand finale) I have a powerpoint that plays the illustrations for my Africa book as I perform the verse with a drum (I’m in a drumming circle).

If you have contacts for artists, illustrators, writers, families, teachers and librarians (both school and public), this is the time to call them all in. My program for schools includes 4 presentations and signing any books sold. I’m redoing my website, but won’t have anything up for a while as doing so is extremely time-consuming and the information is not up to describe or explain the program yet, but I DO have a very nice 8X4″ handout card for contacting me that has examples of my work plus a brief description of what I offer. I’ll bring several copies for your store.

I’ve taught workshops for the Oklahoma Arts Council, International Reading Association, Oklahoma Reading Association, American Library Association, and several other states (including Texas, for whom I’ve done two different summer reading programs in the past few years. I’ve been down there to present the art and ideas to the TLA as well).

As far as who might enjoy it, what I offer is very visual and lots of fun. I’ve found it applies to all ages, including one of the hardest to please: adolescents. So, should you want me to make this effort (and I’m game, believe me), feel free to invite the entire island as well as the population within 30 miles, with emphasis on educators, television stations, librarians, etc. to come on Thursday.

kim doner mugsFinally, to generate help for rehabbers, I used a photograph of mine and had these mugs created. They sell for $10 each, and will be available at our table at WOWE. If you’d like to offer them at the store for that day, it’s an option (there’s a whole story behind the face – I actually KNOW this eagle).” – Kim Doner

This is Griff again, I know many of you are working from 1 to 3 so please call Paragraphs if you want to see her 45 minute presentation later that day, say 5:30 to 6:30. Enough calls 956-433-5057 or Facebook attending clicks and I will ask Kim to have a second presentation. Please do it Monday February 4th so I can let her know.
Thank you for your interest in the cultural arts in the Rio Grande Valley – Griff M.

Here’s a link to the PDF for Meet the Author – Kim Doner

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