1. Your love ones, follow the Hearse
    Y tus amigos, te sigen a la iglesia
    Both are going to a, final destination
    Los dos van, a la eternidad

    One, to a final resting place
    Y el otro, a un futuro, desconocido
    And life goes on
    A dos destinos, desconocidos And we follow the procession

    Unos felices,
    While others mourn
    And life goes on,- and death goes on

    Two different paths
    Dos trayectorias, distintas
    Yet, very similar
    Two unknowns

    Your love ones follow
    Unos felizes y otros tristes
    Other follow you to a church

    And life goes on,
    And death goes on
    Some happy,
    Some sad

    By Meliton Hinojosa Jr.



Meliton Hinojosa, Jr.

Born in El Sauz, Texas to Meliton Hinojosa and Guadalupe Hinojosa in 1948, he has a BA and an MA in education from Texas A & M-Corpus Christi and currently teaches automotive mechanics at San Benito High School.

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