The border wall has been taking a backseat to so many other issues, but it is coming back to the front seat again. The discussion has been waging between fanciful and practical and every possibility in between. From a solar panel wall to a transparent ( I see you, you cheeky border crossers you!) wall, there have been no shortage of ideas. Of course there are very real issues and problems associated with the construction, from cost, to environment, flood control, aesthetics, wildlife management, property rights and on and on.

Most likely in the end there may be 600 to 700 miles of wall and fencing. Building a wall in a desert wilderness with 100 miles or so of desolation that may take days to cross before reaching civilization is ridiculous. The wall itself can be breached in something under a minute.

Now in some areas it makes sense. Those are the areas where a Mexican or a Central American can disappear into an almost ethnically identical population in mere minutes after crossing the border. And a wall may funnel them into other areas.

The obvious solution is to put military patrolling and observing in the areas of low population density and high wilderness. The Border Patrol is essentially a military police force tasked with enforcing immigration and Federal Drug Laws. The Army and the National Guard are not that dissimilar to the BP. They are both entirely under Federal Direction and Command. Seeking out and identifying infiltrators is part of a what an army does. A three or six month deployment covering holes in border security, could be integrated into routine training. The Border Patrol would, of course take over processing and all further adjudication of detainees.

Right now, for instance, in Texas there is a ludicrous program involving the Texas Highway Patrol swarming the border areas, mostly just harassing the local populace, giving out thousands of citations and tickets. The patrolmen, as could be expected, are loathe to get out of their cruisers; They are not going to be chasing illegal suspects through the brush and chaparral. There are no statistics proving the hundreds of million dollar program has had any success whatsoever.

The ultimate final solution would be prosperity for all. When people have sufficient funding illegal immigration almost totally grinds to a halt. This is a long term solution


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