Here is the rest of the transcript of the interview with Julieta Corpus after the video unfortunately ends. In late November in Deep South Texas it gets dark very quickly, and everything faded to black.

Although Julieta said she couldn’t say much about her escapades in Cuba, what she had to say was enlightening. While not the ultimate “Hermit Kingdom” that is North Korea, information from inside Cuba is rather sparse. And the information and news that gets in is not voluminous as well.

So our appreciation goes out to Julieta Corpus for the glimpses that she shared with us.


I don’t know. That’s a tip.

 Wotrg What about your artistic endeavors and your poetry?

 J: As far as artistic endeavors, I have participated in two readings in Cuba; one of them was to commemorate Women’s Month in March; and it was awesome, because what they did was to hold it a barrio, a neighborhood. They closed off two streets, set up chairs, they way you see here, and the people in that community filled up every chair. I read to them, they had performers, they even had a couple of actors. They set up a little screen, did a small play, and it was a wonderful experience, because the chairs were filled by people from there, from the community. It was awesome to see, and to be part of.

 As far as writing, I’ve been writing on my observations about Cuba. Essays about customs, traditions, the way they treat each other; the way they see me. I wrote a poem recently called “A Foreigner” because when I’m in Havana I’m called “La Extranjera”. But when I’m in Borjita, which is a smaller community outside of Havana, where Jorge’s mom lives, there I am “Jorge’s Woman” or “La Mujer Del Negro.” It’s very interesting.

 Wotrg: Translate that for people. That’s “The Negro’s Woman.”

 Julie: Yeah, Yeah. Thank God I’m not a feminist, or that would offend me (laughs).

 Wotrg: That’s just how it translates.

 Julie: Yeah, Yeah. So I’ve been finding a lot of parallels between the Mexican culture and the Cuban culture, and that’s probably why I’ve been able to blend so well. My skin color helps a little bit. Even though I’m lighter than Jorge.

 That’s one thing that surprised me, a lot of people there are light skinned. Whenever I thought about Cuba, I always pictured dark skinned Cubans. But you see people with light skin and blue eyes, green eyes, blond hair…It’s beautiful. They’re gorgeous.

 Wotrg: It’s different

 Julie: They’re blessed, blessed.

 Wotrg: There’s a lot of interest in poetry and music, I guess?

 Julie: Especially music. Everywhere you go. If your walking around Havana, La Havana Vieja, wherever you look you’ll see a musician, or a group of musicians.

 Wotrg: A lot of entertainment, people make for themselves, right?

 Julie: You mean independent musicians?

 Wotrg: Well they don’t go spend a bunch of money at the mall. There’s not a lot of movie houses, I imagine?

 Julie: No, no, not much entertainment.

 Wotrg: They can’t go out to eat at expensive restaurants. So they kind of make their own fun, right?

 Julie: Yes, true. There’s very little to do, especially in the community where I’m at, where Jorge lives, where his mom lives, that is my mother-in-law. It’s a small ranch, that’s how I describe it. They have a small store that everybody goes to. They have a butcher that sells chicken and pork. What I find interesting….

 Wotrg: The food is very fresh right?

 Julie: The food is very fresh!

 Wotrg: Which is different from here.

 Julie: They don’t have deli meats over there. Nothing is refrigerated. They kill it and it’s on your table.

 Wotrg: Would you like to give out your Face book info?

 Julie: Sure. You can find me under my name, Julieta Corpus, look me up, I might add you as a contact, especially if you like my stuff, and put good comments on it.

 Wotrg: Okay, well thank you for talking with us

 Julie: Thank you Edgar


Wotrg: And nice to see you again


Julie: Likewise


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  1. …great example how concerned people can break the barriers …. Good steps Ms. JC!

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