Reports are coming in from both sides of the border that ISIS has set up camps along the Mexican Border across from El Paso Texas and from New Mexico. The American source here has been mostly from Judicial Watch; I’m not sure if they are a mainstream media source or an alternative media, the lines here blur. In any event they cover a lot of things that the government would not like to have covered, and that is always a good thing.

While we at Writers of the Rio Grande don’t claim to have personal sources on any information on ISIS bases along the border, there are facts that provide a structure of possibility to the claim of bases and training camps.

For one,  the OTM’s, or other than Mexicans, or at times Central Americans detained by the border patrol, or INS, are first Chinese Nationals, and then people of the Middle East, including Pakistan and India. Mostly Islamic, even from India. ISIS recruits are for the large part, Islamic young men of the Sunni persuasion. So we know that they are here at the border.

Secondly, is the changing nature of the drug cartels. At one time there were a few monolithic cartels that controlled huge swathes of territory. For a variety of reasons that is not exactly the case anymore. The drug warrior shibboleth of “We just need to take out the drug kingpins, and the rest of the organization will fall” is most often counter productive.

It has led to kidnappings, extortion, armed robbery, and all sorts of other crime; even to dealing with terrorists and their ilk. Whoever has the money to pay, gets a ticket to ride. The Old time cartels that went back in some cases all the way to the prohibition era, kept a low profile and avoided drawing attention to themselves. The important thing was to “move the merchandise” and that is where they made their money. The Italian Mafia in the United States, for example,  through the judicious application of blackmail, bribery and co-opting the media were able to deflect a lot of attention from their activities, Even in the 1960’s,  Italian-American anti-defamation groups,  perhaps unwittingly, were complicit in the cover-up.  The infamous head of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover, denied the very existence of the Italian Mafia. Of course, he was being blackmailed.  He called the people who were exposing the mafia “conspiracy theorists”

So ISIS has shown no reluctance whatsoever to take on the United States and it’s allies anywhere in the world, Mexico has degenerated into a more or less lawless Narco State, and the old time smuggling organizations are content to control the crazy Narco cowboys who fully expect to die at a young age, and are too young and stupid to have any sense. They have no qualms and no limits, and little expectation of longevity.

As far as government and financial and black ops involvement, that’s a whole other rat hole; but it is connected to this rat hole and these rats.

In conclusion, is there a strong possibility of ISIS training camps on the Mexican border?…..

Oh Yessssssss!

Border News

Report: Islamic State Operating in Mexico Just 8 Miles from U.S. Border 

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