September 12, 2012 At The Cameron County Border Violence Conference in Harlingen

Writers of The Rio Grande: What will happen if Mexico continues it’s collapse and things get worse and Mexico loses more and more authority over larger areas?
Sherrif Lucio: Well I know that they have lost control over much ofMexico. But no matter how bad things get we have the county and city law enforcement, we have the State and the Dps and the Texas Rangers. I have 120 Swat Team members for Cameron County. Then there is the National Guard and the Military; so I think that we can pretty much handle whatever comes our way.

Wotrg: Also the USA has the most highly armed civilian population in the world.

S Lucio: That’s right!

Wotrg: What do you think about Homeland Security and the Feds purchasing 1.4 billions rounds of hollow point 40 caliber information for all sorts of Federal Agencies?

S Lucio Well, I’ve heard about that. But let me say this, when decisions are made inWashington about these types of things, they don’t ask for our opinions down here on the border. They just do what they want. Note from wotrg ( of course they do go through the motions of consulting local law enforcement, they even hold public hearings sometimes; I think it is safe to say, before the public hearings are held, the decision has already been made). I couldn’t help imaging Janet Reno yelling: Let’s get Lucio on the phone, we need some border law info stat! (Not gonna happen)

I mentioned  in parting from Sheriff Lucio that the Department of Education didn’t really consult with the local school district either; they just tell you how to educate the kids, and that’s it…That is if you want to keep getting Federal Funds. We both shared a laugh, what else can you do? And he went his way.

Border Violence Spillover After


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