Instructions not included was indeed a surprising movie, done economically, but done very well. There were subtitles in English for translation, but the Mexican humor translated as well. That was all important, if the movie was to be a success in the United States; which indeed it has.


MEXICO CITY (AP) — Mexican comedian Eugenio Derbez jokes that it took him 12 years to become an overnight sensation.

The real punch line is that it took much longer.

The writer, director and star of the surprise Hollywood hit “Instructions Not Included” was a virtual unknown among the general audience in the U.S., where the film debuted on Labor Day weekend. Its success was shocking, climbing into the top five box office earners with only a limited release. It’s pulled in more than $43 million so far in the U.S. alone, and roughly the same in Mexico. It cost just a bit over $5 million to make.

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