Independent by Paloma Abigail Rodriguez

I walked out of Subway just after I finished my delicious 6 inch chicken breast sandwich
I entered the waiting area at the bus station
I stop from the sound of a Hey!
I respond with a smile and a Hey as I see my grandmother’s old friend
She knows me since I was born
We shake hands and I greet her
Talking to this lady is somehow weird…

 I’m always shy and I use to hide behind my grandmother’s skirt as she and her friend had
a conversation

 This time, I feel the need to act mature
My grandma is not here; I can’t hide anymore

 We chat about my grandma, my mother, my long list of siblings, and my aunt that just
I sound mature and confident
I am wearing some sweat pants, a sweat shirt, tennis shoes on my feet, a heavy backpack
hanging on my side, a Dr. Pepper on my hand

I can’t but think how independent I have become
I just came out of a restaurant
I bought my own sandwich, my own chips, and my own coke with my own debit card
I opened my bank account with my first check

I am walking alone on my way to catch the bus to either go to my aunt’s house or my

What strikes me the most about this conversation is the fact that I am coming from
college; I am on my way home

The lady asks, “are you in college now?”
I say I am
I am a college student and I am moving forward to obtain a bachelor’s degree
Being a university student is great among those who have not gone to school
I can see the amusement in my grandma’s friend face
I think about the real college experience and how hard and competitive it is
How can I do it?
Truth is, I have already done so much
Twenty now and on my way…

Author: Paloma Abigail Rodriguez

My name is Paloma Abigail Rodriguez, and I was born in December 28, 1991 in H. Matamoros Tamaulipas Mexico. I am the oldest child and I have six siblings. I live with my mom, my stepdad, my brothers, and my sister.
I was raised in Mexico by my mom and my grandparents. I went to elementary school in Mexico, and I am a native Spanish speaker. I came to the United States when I was ten years old.
I was blessed to be brought to the United States because I learned the language and many customs and traditions. I am really happy to be where I am and I am proud to be who I am. My Mexican American culture is fantastic, and it is originally from the Valley. I celebrate Seis de Enero Dia de Los Reyes Magos as well as the last Thursday of November Thanksgiving Day. I am also a Christian, and I was saved by Jesus Christ. I am a student at the University of Texas at Brownsville, and I am a Biology major. My career goal is to become a Physician’s Assistant in order to use my knowledge to help people’s health. I really like writing because is an amazing form of expression, and it just feels good to write.


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2 Responses to Independent

  1. Eugene "Gene" Novogrodsky says:

    …a fine piece of growing, changing ….In fact, a beautiful piece; start to read in Deep South Texas! People need to HEAR you!

  2. Paloma Rodriguez says:

    Thank you Mr. Novogrodsky 🙂

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